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Business Operations

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A business plan should be drafted to assist in defining the target market for the business and its competition. The business plan will also identify the management team and its personnel. One key advantage for the business plan will be in the application for a business loan. Lastly, the business plan will provide a description of the business including its business form, whether it is a proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. The business description will also identify the product or service and why it will be profitable.

The market should be clearly defined and the founders clearly identify how the business will satisfy certain market wants and hold a particular market share over the passage of time. The business plan will explain how the product will be priced. A description of the key competitors is always included in any comprehensive business plan. Most plans include the top five or ten competitors.

Business Operations and Business Plans

In applying for financing, the business plan should explain how the additional funding will make your business more profitable. The business should establish a procedure for making borrowing decisions and all borrowing should be planned based upon forecasted budgetary needs.

Dorazio Law Group, P.C. can assist the business in its business planning and financing needs from drafting the business plan to completing complex commercial transactions in order to meet its financing requirements. There are numerous state and federal financing programs available to supplement the business's current debt program or to replace the financing in place with a total restructuring. As with all global decisions made my business in terms of its decisions, legal counsel should be sought at the beginning to assist management early on in the decision making. Attorneys will the firm come from a strong business background with experience in large Fortune 100 companies, banking and the government.

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